[Tutorial] How to make Naver account and get Free streaming passes:

Naver Music is giving away 500 streaming passes everyday at 10 pm KST. Make sure to be quick getting the coupon because only the first 500 people can get the passes. If you weren’t able to get it you can try the next day.

 There is only few days left before Yesung comeback so make sure to participate everyday! 



  • You can get only one coupon pass per account however Naver allows you to make multiple accounts.
  • The First 500 people who get 120x streaming passes can share 80x streaming passes with 10 people. If ypu manage to get 120x streaming pass you will get a link. you can share it via Twitter TL however everyone can get(see) it. So, If you the pass, the better way to share it is to pass copy it and pass it to your friends via Twitter’s DM. You also can send it to us ( @yesunflowers) and we will use it to support Yesung coming Album.

Steps to get the streaming Coupon pass:

  1. Make Naver account by going to Naver page and fill the forum to Sing Up.
  2. Download Naver Music App (Android , iOS).
  3. Log in to Naver Music App.


  4. Before 10pm KST, open you mobile browser and make sure to log in first to your Naver account then open this link http://m.music.naver.com/promotion/noonFreeTicket.nhn  (you will not be able to get the streaming pass if you don’t sign in also the link can be opened via phone only).

5. As soon as it’s 10 PM try and click on the yellow bar button as quick as possible (it’s really hard to get this pass and compete with people with faster internet buy it’s ok to try 🙂 ).

6.If you succeed to get the pass, you will be able to share 80x streaming pass with your friends. Click on blue button bar on the second picture and use twitter (DM) to post it.


7. If you don’t succeed to get the 120x pass you can:

  • Scroll down the page, and look for people who shared new  Naver links then click on it.


  • Quickly Go to twitter and search for the most recent tweets that contain the hash tag  #_가수1위만들 with link  naver.me/xxxxxxx then click on the link.


  • You will Know that you get 80x free streaming pack when you see this. And you still can get 120x stream if you share it with you friends. To so Clich on the green bar button.Screenshot_2017-04-05-14-01-09.png


  8.Go to Naver Music App and and check that you got the free streams and the expiring date.



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